February 8, 2016

Man jailed for attempted murder after buying AK-47

A 20-year-old Madison man, jailed on attempted murder charges, has been ordered to undergo a mental evaluation. Andrew Meis was arrested last week after authorities discovered a plot to kill two Madison residents.

Police spokesman Joel Despain says Meis was able to buy an AK-47 online and a “significant” amount of ammunition from online.

“There’s going to be some concern over how did this individual acquire this weapon?” says Despain.

Meis has been hospitalized for mental illness in the past. His father called police upon hearing of his plans to kill a neighbor and one of his friends. Meis, who was in court Wednesday, apparently believed the neighbors made noises intentionally to bother him, and were reading his thoughts through his television.

Robin Colbert-WIBA

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