February 11, 2016

Mining bill votes scheduled

Legislation to rewrite state mining law is on the fast track at the Capitol. Senate and Assembly committees have scheduled votes on the bill for next Wednesday, February 6th. The legislation has been identified as a key issue by GOP leaders and Governor Scott Walker.

The bill’s author, state Senator Tom Tiffany, has said he’s working to address concerns lawmakers may have with legislation, which is expected to open the way for large-scale, open-pit iron ore mining in northern Wisconsin.

“As we go forward now, the question that I’ll pose to Republicans and Democrats who are deciding whether to vote for the bill or not, is “what are the issues that concern you the most. What are the changes that allow you to vote for this bill?'”

Tiffany, who as a member of the Assembly helped write last year’s failed mining bill, says he’s willing to take a serious look at suggestions that might make the bill better. “We’re certainly willing to look at ideas,” said Tiffany. “That’s not hyperbole. We’re willing to do that.”

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