February 11, 2016

Packers study officials, leave no stone unturned

Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy puts his team through more than just

FB John Kuhn

FB John Kuhn

football meetings and drills as they prepare for their weekly opponent.  The coach has people inside the organization studying the game officials that work each game and their tendencies.

AUDIO: Mike McCarthy said the workups on officials start before game day :15

Packers information specialist Mike Eayrs handles the assignment, compiling information each week to present to the players and coaches.

The Packers are looking for things like holding calls and pass interference penalties.  If officials call those more than other’s.  Tendencies and predictability is something that’s good to know about ahead of time.

AUDIO: FB John Kuhn on game planning the officials :20

The Packers also meet with the officials before each game as well.

AUDIO: Mike McCarthy says the work with officials extends into gameday :23

Most of the players agree.  The information presented to the players can be helpful if they pay attention, but it doesn’t always turnout the way the scouting report would indicate.

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