February 7, 2016

Ryan predicts Obamacare won’t last

Congressman Paul Ryan targeted Obamacare in a post-election appearance at a Tea Party event in Racine County Sunday. Ryan warned the health care law will cost people more in the long run than they will gain.

With the federal government underpaying health care providers now, the 2012 Republican Vice Presidential candidate said Obamacare will make it worse. Ryan said the law will lead to less care available due in part to its price controls, “when you have the government determining who gets what–where, how, and how much–you have scarcities.”

The Janesville Republican said Obamacare will “collapse under its own weight” and is “so contrary to the spirit and the principles of this country that I just don’t think it could last.”

Ryan also warned of a mass exodus of companies giving up their private insurance coverage for employees, in favor of the cheaper Obamacare plan. “They are all thinking about this because once one of your competitors does this, then you have to,” he said.

Also speaking at the event were Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, state Senator Leah Vukmir, and Mike Tanner from the D.C.-based CATO Institute.

Tom Karkow-WRJN contributed to this report

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