February 7, 2016

Saturday’s loss could be it for Driver & Jennings in Green Bay

As the Green Bay Packers’ cleaned out their lockers at Lambeau Field on Sunday, the players knew that for some, it would be the last time they’d

Donald Driver

Donald Driver

be going through the season ending routine in the spacious Packers locker room.

For 37-year-old Donald Driver, a decision on retirement has to come first.  Does he want to play on or is he content with 14 NFL seasons, all with the Green Bay Packers.

AUDIO: Donald Driver on his future :13

Driver hasn’t factored into the Packers offensive game plan for much of the season.  He caught just 8 passes for 77 yards and 2 touchdowns.

AUDIO: Donald Driver says it’s been a tough year :15

Driver is the franchise’s all-time leading receiver, catching 743 passes for 10,137 yards and 85 touchdowns.  Yet based on his usage this season, it’s unlikely that the Packers would ask him to come back.  So now he has to contemplate whether he wants to play for another team if the opportunity arises, or call it quits.

Greg Jennings

The situation is different for Jennings.  He and the Packers don’t appear to have any kind of substantial talks and will still command a large

Greg Jennings

Greg Jennings

salary on the free agent market.  Jennings said after the loss to the 49ers that he believes he’s shown enough on the field this past month to generate enough interest on the free agent market this off-season.

In seven seasons, Jennings has 425 catches for 6,537 receiving yards and 53 touchdowns.

Talking with reporters on Sunday, Jennings certainly made it sound like he’s a person reserved to not being back.

AUDIO: Greg Jennings appears ready to leave Green Bay :19

If you need further proof of Jennings attitude to the way he sees things playing out, he was asked what would be the most difficult thing about leaving Green Bay.  He simply stated it wouldn’t be difficult.

AUDIO: Greg Jennings asked if it would be tough to leave Green Bay :08

Would Jennings take less money to stay with the Packers?  It would appear the only way that would happen is if Jennings doesn’t receive the kind of interest on the free agent market that he’s anticipating.

It’ll be interesting to see how things play out for Driver and Jennings, but it’s more likely that neither will end up in a Packers uniform next season.

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