February 12, 2016

Scrap metal thieves leave dangerous holes in their wake

Scrap metal thieves leave dangerous holes in their wake.

About 60 cast iron grates and covers were stolen since November 29th from curbs and gutters on Racine streets, according to police. Thieves have targeted the iron catch-basins for their scrap metal value, and it’s causing a real danger for pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists who could be hurt or killed if they trip or fall into a hole.

Authorities say the thefts are apparently taking place at night. And the thieves are apparently using vehicles to haul the heavy metal away. The catch basins weigh 100 to 200 pounds each, and cost from $80 to $130 to replace.

AUDIO: Racine Police Sergeant Marty Pavilonis :23

Witnesses are asked to call Racine Police or the city’s Crime Stoppers’ program.

Janet Hoff, WRJN

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