February 6, 2016

Teen arrested for mock school shooting video

A juvenile male was arrested over the weekend in Forest County for making a video that depicts students being shot outside the Crandon school complex. The Forest County Sheriff’s Department says the teenager was arrested after getting information about a threatening video posted on YouTube.

A parent contacted the a school board member on Saturday. A search warrant was conducted at his residence where they did not find weapons or additional evidence. School and Sheriff’s officials also searched the Crandon school complex in the video and found no further evidence.

Superintendent James Asher says the video was shot with an Apple iPhone or iPad outside the school and deemed the video a threat to the safety of students. The video depicted a student pretending to shoot a gun. Then in post production, the video was overlaid with graphics of guns, blood splatter, and sound effects. Asher says the video has since been taken down from the YouTube site.

The juvenile male is expected to make a court appearance Monday. The sheriff’s department says its investigation indicates that while the video was made in very poor judgment, there appears to be no indication of danger to students, school personnel or the general public.

A letter was sent to parents explaining the situation, and that since the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, security has been ramped up at schools.


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