February 7, 2016

Driver makes retirement official today

It’ll be an emotional day for Donald Driver today as he officially announces his

Donald Driver (2010) Super Bowl

Donald Driver (2010) Super Bowl

retirement at a Lambeau Field news conference (11am) today.

Driver played his entire 14-year playing career with the Green Bay Packers and leaves as the team leader in receptions, receiving yards and 1,000 yard seasons.

Driver saw limited playing time this past season with the Packers and could have gone on to play elsewhere.  But Driver said at the Super Bowl that it was important for him to play his entire career with one team.  That’s one of the things that makes Driver special, his deciding to hang it up and make the Packers organization the only organization that he has played for.

Driver is sharing his moment with around 15-hundred fans that were awarded free tickets for the event last Friday.

All four Green Bay television stations will air the conference live.  It can also be found on the Green Bay Packers radio network, as well as via stream at

He’ll go down as one of the all-time favorite players to ever where a Packers uniform and has set himself up well for the future.  He’ll continue to get several endorsement opportunities and could be used by the organization in special event opportunities.


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