February 14, 2016

Golden Guernsey could be sold, reopened

A court filing indicates that the Golden Guernsey Dairy is about to be sold, and possibly re-opened.

Accord Financial, one of the dairy’s creditors, said a bankruptcy trustee is apparently negotiating a sale of the Waukesha plant, and all the equipment inside. One media report quoted a Golden Guernsey employee as saying a deal could be set as early as May.

A private equity firm from Los Angeles bought the dairy from Dean Foods last fall, and then closed the Waukesha plant on January fifth with virtually no advance notice. Over 100 people lost their jobs and hundreds of Milwaukee area schools that relied on the dairy had to scramble to find new milk suppliers.

The company filed for Chapter-Seven bankruptcy a short time later, and proceeds from the plant’s sale would go to creditors and investors.

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