February 14, 2016

Public school open enrollment begins

Wisconsin parents who want to send their child to a public school outside his-or-her home district or a virtual school next fall can begin signing up today.

Over 41,000 open enrollment applications were processed throughout the state a year ago. Students can apply in up to three public school districts. Those who move to other districts take their state aid with them. Preliminary state estimates show almost a quarter-billion dollars in school aid was transferred between districts in the current school year.

Parents will find out in early June whether their kids are accepted into the districts they applied for. Those who are rejected will have 30 days to appeal to the state.

Open enrollment has been on the books since the 1998-99 school year but the program was expanded by the legislature in 2011. Parents have three months to sign up rather than the previous three week window. Lawmakers also established exceptions for those missed the enrollment for reasons such as homelessness, custody issues, or bullying.

Open enrollment goes until April 30.

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