February 5, 2016

Ramirez looking for early season changes

Milwaukee Brewers third baseball Aramis Ramirez has been a slow starter over his 15-year major-league career and he’s looking to change that this season.

Ramirez hit just .214 with 1 home run and 10 runs batted in during March and April last season.  Then as the calendar changes, Ramirez traditionally heats up.

Ramirez hit .274 in May last season, .295 in June and .373 in July.  He finished out hitting .305 in August and .321 to finish out the season.  His final numbers were .300 batting average, 27 home runs, 105 rbi.

Brewers manager Ron Roenicke said he and Ramirez have talked in the offseason with regards to making some changes.

AUDIO: Ron Roenicke on Aramis Ramirez :22

Roenicke said this spring, with the WBC and an early start to the exhibition season, allows Ramirez to start playing games earlier if he wants to.

Roenicke said Ramirez has come into spring camp in really good shape.  Roenicke said he was in good shape last season, but he’s in even better shape this year.  He’s tired of not starting off well, and he wants to try to do something about it.

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