February 9, 2016

School administrator speaks out against vouchers

The head of a school district targeted for voucher expansion wants lawmakers to shoot down the governor’s proposal. Governor Walker, in his state budget plan, would open up Milwaukee’s parent choice program to nine new districts, all of which have at least two failing schools.

Janna Stevens, district administrator in Superior, says despite a “D” grade from the state, Superior High School is only .1 percent away from the higher category. She adds the school has the highest ACT scores the institution has ever had, with results above the state average in every category of the exam.

Meanwhile, Stevens takes issue with Governor’s Walker metric for grading schools, the newly devised state report card system.

AUDIO:  Stevens on why she doesn’t like the grading system (1:14)

Stevens questions the need to expand the choice program when research shows Milwaukee voucher kids are not leaps-and-bounds ahead of their public school counterparts.

In his budget address, Walker says his expansion of the voucher program gives low-and-middle income families the same choice that wealthy families have, the option to send their kids to private schools.

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