February 12, 2016

Wisconsin gas prices rise sharply

Wisconsin drivers’ wallets are feeling a little lighter, after a big spike in gas prices over the last few weeks.

As of Friday, Pam Moen with AAA-Wisconsin says the organizations fuel gauge report shows a statewide average of $3.43 for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline. Moen says that’s up $0.17 from just a week ago, $0.22 over the past month, and $0.08 compared to the same date last year. She notes that gas prices at this time last year were already at historically high levels.

Moen says a jump in crude oil prices and production problems at about a dozen refineries nationwide are largely to blame for the recent jump. Even if those issues are resolved, she says the approaching switch to summer blends of fuel could strain supplies as well and keep prices high for weeks to come.

The one bright spot, she says, is that prices may be nearing their peak for the time being. However, she warns that consumers should brace for higher gas prices for at least the next few weeks.

AUDIO: Andrew Beckett reports (1:06)

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