February 11, 2016

App reminds drivers to stay sober

A new smart phone app from the state Department of Transportation is aimed at helping Wisconsin drivers make the right decisions after a night of drinking.

The Drive Sober app is part of the Zero in Wisconsin campaign, and urges users to stay sober or make plans to get home safely. Major Sandra Huxtable with the State Patrol says it offers a variety of tools that can help drivers identify how impaired they may be, along with information on how to get home safely.

The app features tools such as a blood alcohol estimator, a designated driver selector, and listings for local transportation options. Using the GPS on a smart phone, the app can look up local taxi services and bus routes. There’s also a beer goggles feature, which can simulate impaired vision after consuming alcohol.

A free download of the app is available online.

AUDIO: Andrew Beckett reports (:49)

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