February 8, 2016

Barca, Larson noncommittal on run for governor

Will top Democrats in the legislature run against Governor Scott Walker? No definitive answer from Assembly minority leader, Representative Peter Barca of Kenosha, or his opposite number in the Senate, Senator Chris Larson of Milwaukee.

“I feel very confident we’ll have a very strong candidate,” said Barca during a conference he and Larson held with reporters to discuss Governor Scott Walker’s performance on jobs creation. “There’s been a lot discussion about a range of various people that I think will step forward.”

 AUDIO: Barca, Larson (2:55)

“The tendency for . . . reporters is to ask about the politics, and ask about what is going on with the political campaigns,” said Larson. “Look, we’re 44th in the nation right now in terms of jobs, because the governor has only focused on politics.

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