February 14, 2016

Bus bullying results in juvenile charges

The Sparta Police Department has concluded its investigation into an alleged bullying incident, and investigators have determined that a 12 year-old boy’s actions in fighting another youngster on a school bus constitute a crime.

A complaint was received by the department on February 19 alleged that a 13 year-old boy from Sparta was assaulted while riding the school bus. The youth told police that he was riding the bus with other students and was being teased about a stain on his shirt. One of the passengers, a 12 year-old Sparta boy, aggressively targeted the 13 year-old, and could be seen in a bus video performing lewd acts directed at the 13 year-old. Eventually the boys began fighting and several punches were exchanged.

Based on numerous interviews and bus video it appears the 13 year old-victim was acting in self-defense and was being targeted by the 12 year-old. The Sparta Police Department believes the actions of the 12 year constitute a crime and will be submitting a Juvenile Court Referral to the Monroe County Department of Human Services alleging Disorderly Conduct, Harassment, and Battery.

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