February 8, 2016

Buzz Williams has reason to dance

It’s been a long week for Buzz Williams and in the end, he had reason to dance.

While the Golden Eagles were in Lexington, Kentucky, battling the likes of Davidson and Butler, Buzz Williams’ wife was hospitalized with a ruptured appendix.  Williams was at his wife’s (Corey) side, kept close eye on his two sons, 9-year-old Calvin and 6-year-old Mason and at the same time, coaching his basketball team to wins over Davidson and Butler.

Marquette had to come from behind to win both games and advance to the Sweet 16 for the 3rd straight year, something that hasn’t been done before at Marquette.

So when it was done, Williams felt like dancing.  He said he shouldn’t have done so, but given everything he’s had to deal with, that dance was a well deserved one.

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