February 8, 2016

Democrats want release of John Doe records

The head of the state Democratic Party says the public has a right to know just how close a John Doe investigation in Milwaukee County came to Governor Scott Walker.

Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm on Friday announced the probe is now complete. The investigation had focused in on possible crimes committed in the Milwaukee County executive’s office while Walker served in that position. It resulted in six convictions; including three of Walker’s former aides on charges of embezzlement and doing campaign work on county time.

The governor was never accused of any wrongdoing, although DPW Chairman Mike Tate says that’s nothing to brag about. Tate says “it’s hard to deny that he was not clearly involved in crimes that were committed.” Tate says Walker “beat the rap, with a six figure defense fund and the best legal defense money can buy.”

Tate is calling for the release of documents tied to the investigation, arguing they would show Walker was involved in illegal campaigning. He says it’s important to fully understand the full nature of the investigation, considering the probe has been going on for much of Walker’s time as governor and because numerous people have gone to jail.

The information is not likely to be made publicly available any time soon though. In his order closing the investigation, the judge left a secrecy order in place.

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