February 13, 2016

GAB approves final report on costs of ending same day registration

If lawmakers decide to pursue legislation to end same day voter registration in Wisconsin, the head of the state’s election agency says they’ll a very comprehensive analysis of the costs the state is likely to incur. The Government Accountability Board on Wednesday accepted a final report on the impact and costs of eliminating Election Day Registration, or EDR.

“People talk about “well, let’s get rid of election day registration.” We always said “look, there are going to be consequences if you do that,”” said Kevin Kennedy, executive director of the Government Accountability Board.

AUDIO: Bob Hague reports (:65)

The report, authored by GAB staff, estimated a cost to the state across all agencies from $9,194,502 to $10,548,732 over an initial two-year period. Kennedy said the intent of the report was not to put an end to talk of ending same day registration. He said he requested the review because the idea seemed to be picking up momentum.

While Governor Scott Walker has said he supports the idea of eliminating voter registration at polling places, he also indicated he would not sign a bill that would require millions of dollars to make the change.


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