February 14, 2016

Gay marriage debate heats up today

The future of Wisconsin’s gay marriage ban could be in jeopardy.

The issue of gay marriage is before the U.S. Supreme Court for the next two days, including a challenge of the national Defense of Marriage Act that bans same-sex marriage. Julaine Appling of the Wisconsin Family Council is among those paying close attention. “We’re, at this point, cautiously optimistic that the court will see that this law is in the best interest of our country and certainly is constitutional.”

The national cases could have an impact on a Constitutional Amendment banning same-sex marriage that was adopted in Wisconsin in 2006.

Appling’s group spearheaded Wisconsin’s ban. “It is time, really, for a high court to take a look at this and to, we trust, actually, look at it from a prudent, rule-of-law standing and understand that people in our state have a right to make laws that are applicable to their people and they should stand.”

Justices hear arguments today on a ban in California similar to Wisconsin’s ban, and on the docket tomorrow is a challenge to the National Defense of Marriage Act.

“We believe that we should get a majority that says that marriage should be the law of the land as it relates to between a man and a woman. And it’s not in our best interest as a country to redefine it.”

John Colbert, WIBA

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