February 10, 2016

Getting tougher on animal neglect

There is another push to make animal neglect a more serious crime in Wisconsin. It’s called Windchill’s Law named after a colt found starving and frozen to the ground in subzero temperatures in Northern Wisconsin. The colt later died in the 2006 incident and it was difficult to prosecute the owner under existing law.

The bi-partisan bill by state Representative Nick Milroy (D-South Range) passed the Assembly last session but did not get taken up by the Senate. Milroy says the proposal faced some roadblocks with legislative language, wording that some felt would make normal practices illegal. He has since revised the legislation’s language.

A group called Windchill’s Legacy is among supporters of the bill. Polly Niemi emphasizes they are a grassroots movement. “We are just a bunch of farmers from up North who saw something that needed to be fixed.”

Senator Bob Jauch (D-Poplar) and Keith Ripp (R-Lodi) are among sponsors of the bill.

AUDIO: Brian Moon reports (1:07)

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