February 7, 2016

Make your own robocall

Turnabout is fair play when it concerns citizens who are fed up with political robocalls. That’s the feeling of state Representative André Jacque (R-De Pere), who is inviting members of the public to create their own versions of an automated message for state lawmakers to listen to.

Jacque has set up a number the public can call to record a minute long message, which will then be shared with state lawmakers at the Capitol. The move is part of an effort to promote a bill Jacque has introduced that would block those calls from numbers on the state’s Do Not Call list. The legislation would also make registrations on the list permanent, instead of the current two year limit that’s in place.

AUDIO: Rep. Andre Jacque (:15)

Callers can dial (920) 288-2650 to record their message. They will have to provide their name and where they live. The best entries will be played for committee members considering the bill, and will also be sent out to other members of the Legislature and the media.

Brian Norton, WOMT

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