February 13, 2016

Night wolf hunt to go dark

The governor wants to prohibit hunters from killing wolves at night.

Governor Scott Walker says there’s no need to hunt at night in order to bag a wolf. “When we first did the wolf hunt, we didn’t know what kind of response there would be out there.” But he says, “You have tremendous response; you had a very active harvest.”

A total of 117 animals were harvested during Wisconsin’s inaugural wolf-hunting season, which came to a close at the end of December 2012, more than two months ahead of schedule. The season began on October 15th.

The Department of Natural Resources is looking at all sorts of issues, including safety, in reviewing the hunt and finding ways to improve the season, but Walker says the biggest factor in eliminating night time hunting was the hunt’s success. “In general the biggest motivator is the fact that we’ve had a more successful hunt than we thought in the first place.”

Assembly Majority Leader Scott Suder (R-Abbotsford) authored the legislation. His office says the Republican needs more information before commenting on the governor’s plan to repeal the portion of the law dealing with nighttime hunting. Suder plans to have discussions very soon with the governor.

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