February 7, 2016

Nude beach access restricted in Dane County

Visitors to Dane County’s nude beach are no longer welcome during the week. Starting this spring, the DNR is closing the Mazomanie beach along the lower Wisconsin River Monday through Friday.

The move is part of a renewed effort to crack down on what Bob Manwell with the DNR describes as “lewd and lascivious behavior” that’s been reported on the beach. He says that includes reports of sex acts and drug use, which the agency is working to discourage.

AUDIO: Bob Manwell (:09)

Manwell says they have tried closing the wooded area around the beach before while still allowing access from the water. However, he says those measures have not had quite the effect they had hoped they would and closing down the beach during the week is one of the few remaining options.

The beach will remain open on weekends, through September 15th. After that date, it will again be open during normal operating hours.

Chandra Lynn, WIBA

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