February 6, 2016

Poll shows mixed feelings on gun law changes

A new poll shows Wisconsin residents remain largely divided on the issue of gun control.

The survey from the Wisconsin Professional Police Association asked state residents if gun laws should be stricter, less strict, or kept the same. Executive Director Jim Palmer says there was a pretty clear split among those responding to the poll, with 47 percent agreeing laws covering the sales of firearms should be more strict, 43 percent believing no changes are needed, and only about 8 percent arguing current laws should be scaled back.

Palmer says the results provide an interesting insight into a complex debate, showing that people recognize gun control is a very complex issue requiring a very multi-faceted and broad based approach.

AUDIO: Jim Palmer, WPPA (:13)

The poll did not examine more specific gun control measures, such as background checks or an assault weapons ban. Palmer says they were really looking more for a general gauge of public opinion, and did not want to create the impression they were trying to drive support for a specific proposal.

The poll was conducted by St. Norbert College and was based on responses of 400 members of the general public. It has a margin of error of +/- five percent.

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