February 7, 2016

Questions for GAB’s Kennedy

Some tough questions were directed at the head of the state’s elections agency. Government Accountability Board Executive Director Kevin Kennedy testified Tuesday on voter registration lists, before the Assembly Committee on Elections. Kennedy was on the offensive as GOP members tried to link GAB maintenance of the statewide voter registration system to voter fraud. “We don’t have any documented cases of in person voter impersonation that have occurred in the state of Wisconsin,” Kennedy said.

Kennedy was called to testify because GAB had admitted that statewide voter registration lists would not be updated in time for the spring elections. GAB had sent cards out to update the lists – although that job was to have been handled by local clerks. “It’s not like we were trying to ignore the law. Our goal was to make sure we could make the law work,” Kennedy said.

Kennedy said the GAB had agreed to handle the voter verification after consultations with local clerks.

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