February 10, 2016

State dismisses complaint against former DA

Former Fond du Lac County District Attorney Dan Kaminsky says he feels vindicated after the Office of Lawyer Regulation dismissed a complaint against him. It centered on the so-called OWI airplane plea deal that Kaminsky allowed.

A drunken driving case was settled with a plea to operating an airplane while under the influence although the driver was operating a vehicle. It resulted in the same penalties as OWI 1st, but without the six month license revocation.

A woman filed the complaint while he was running for reelection which led to the case becoming a campaign issue.

Kaminsky says it’s becoming much more difficult to get complete and accurate information during a campaign season. He calls the dismissal bittersweet:”It’s nice that it’s over but a lot of damage was done; lies were told. And I think the public is the one that ultimately suffers for it.”

The former district attorney of Fond du Lac says it took the OLR some time to make a decision about whether the complaint against him was justified. The oversight agency’s Preliminary Review Committee was the second panel to make a no-cause finding. The decision is final and is not subject to further review.


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