February 8, 2016

Average turnout expected in spring election

Despite the presence of two statewide races on the ballot, turnout for Tuesday’s spring election is expected to be about average for Wisconsin.

All told, Reid Magney with the state Government Accountability Board says there are 9,587 candidates running for 6,786 state and local offices, along with 76 different referenda. Of course, the only contests that will appear on all ballots are the races for state Supreme Court and Superintendent of Public Instruction.

AUDIO: Reid Magney, GAB (:12)

The last time there was a Supreme Court race on the ballot in 2011, voter turnout ended up being around 34 percent. Those numbers were largely a result of the aftermath of intense protests at the Capitol, in a campaign that often saw Justice David Prosser portrayed as an ally of Governor Scott Walker.

Magney says the GAB is only projecting about 20 percent of eligible voters will show up at the polls this year, which is within the 17 to 21 percent range that’s typical for an April election.

In the Supreme Court race, incumbent Justice Pat Roggensack faces challenger Ed Fallone, while the race for DPI Superintendent is between incumbent Tony Evers and challenger Don Pridemore.

Magney reminds voters that you still do not need a photo ID at the polls if you are already registered. However, unregistered voters will need to bring documents to provide proof of residency, which can include a photo ID with a current address, property tax bill or a paycheck stub.

Voters looking for information on their registration status or who need to look up where they will vote can check a website set up by the GAB.

The polls open Tuesday morning at 7 A.M., and will remain open through eight that evening.

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