February 12, 2016

Johnson’s abuse of government video racks up hits

The inaugural “Victims of Government” video by U.S. Senator Ron Johnson has reached 50,000 hits on Youtube. The Freshman Republican lawmaker wants to point out how actions from the bloated federal government have harmed individuals. While in the Northwoods recently, Johnson said he expects a “robust’ series that will put “a face on the harm the government does.”

The first video report identifies an Illinois man who fell into problems with the Army Corps of Engineers after treating an unused area that had been a longtime source of flooding.

The video claims the agency gave the man permission to turn the property into a lake then rescinded that permission. He was then ordered to create wetlands on a nearby property and has sunk more than $300,000 dollars into the process, which includes waiting 14 years for a federal permit.

WXPR’s Ken Krall contributed to this report

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