April 27, 2015

Kenosha vigil remembers double homicide victims

Around 150 people gathered for a vigil in Kenosha Sunday night at the site of a double homicide. The crowd remembered the victims: 20-year old Zachary Hernandez of Kenosha and 23-year old Carlos Garcia of Racine.

“Zach was everything to me,” said Hernandez’s mother, Michelle Contreras. “Why somebody would do this, I don’t know.”

Yesenia Marin, the mother of Garcia’s child, talked about dealing with their little girl’s recent diagnosis of leukemia.

AUDIO: Marin on some of her last moments with Garcia (:20)

Kenosha Police do not have anyone in custody for the murders, and continue to ask the public for any information to help in the case.

Tom Karkow, WRJN