February 11, 2016

Mom charged in traffic death of toddler

A Bayfield woman has pleaded not guilty to causing a traffic crash which killed her two-year-old daughter and injured three other relatives. Chelsea Cadotte is charged with second-degree reckless homicide, and three counts of first-degree reckless injury in connection with the crash which killed Cadotte’s two-year-old daughter Mariah Gordon.

The judge in the Bayfield County case will hold a conference May 28th, and is expected to decide when a possible trial could be held.

Investigators said the 24 year-old Cadotte was speeding on Highway 13 near Washburn last July, when a child in the back seat distracted her. The vehicle swerved several times and then entered a ditch. Two other children, Myley and Carter Gordon, were injured along with Cadotte’s teenage sister Erica Gonzalez. Deputies said the passengers were not wearing seat belts or safety restraints.

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