February 7, 2016

Packers make 3rd trade of the evening, end day 2

The Green Bay Packers started day two of the NFL draft with 1 pick in each of the second and third rounds respectively.

Following a second round deal in which Green Bay traded the 55th overall pick to move back to 61st, the Pack acquired the Niners 6th round pick (173rd overall) in return, and selected former Alabama running back Eddie Lacey.

In the third round, the Packers hit redial with the 49ers, dealing their 3rd round pick to San Francisco, moving back 5 spots to 93rd overall and picking up a 7th round pick (216th overall).

As the third round was coming to an end, Ted Thompson made yet another move and dealt the 93rd overall pick to Miami. In return the Packers received a 4th round (109), 5th round (146) and 7th round picks (224 overall) to end Green Bays evening.

Along with the selection of Eddie Lacy, an active second day for Green Bay ends with the Packers adding 5 more picks tomorrow and leaving the green and gold with 10 total picks remaining;

4th Round: 109th overall & 122nd overall

5th Round: 146th overall, 159th overall & 167th overall

6th round: 173rd overall & 193rd overall

7th round: 216th overall, 224th overall & 232nd overall


The draft continues with the start of the 4th round at 11 am CST.


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  1. Thanks for the, clean, concise wrap up of the second draft day.

    Now we all need to convince the Packers to take offensive/defensive linemen with those last picks.