February 12, 2016

Police look for new leads in cold case

Town of Madison police are reaching out to the public for new information that could help solve an old murder case.

20-year-old Andrew Nehmer was stabbed to death in April of 1986 while working at a Madison convenience store. Police Chief Scott Gregory says they have identified a man living in Colorado with a history of armed robberies as a suspect in the case, but need more information before they can charge Donald Braxton. The suspect reportedly told fellow jail inmates at one point he was responsible for an unsolved homicide.

AUDIO: Chief Scott Gregory (:22)

Open Pantry Food Marts of Wisconsin is offering a $5,000 reward for information that helps arrest Nehmer’s murderer. Gregory hopes new attention to the case could “jar some memories,” prompting someone in the community to come forward.

John Colbert, WIBA

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