February 9, 2016

Roggensack wins reelection bid

Justice Patience Roggensack (Photo: Andrew Beckett)

Justice Patience Roggensack (Photo: Andrew Beckett)

State Supreme Court Justice Pat Roggensack will serve a second ten year term on Wisconsin’s highest court, after easily overcoming a challenge in Tuesday’s election from Marquette University law professor Ed Fallone.

Speaking to supporters at a Madison restaurant, Roggensack credited the victory to voters recognizing her experience as a sitting member on the state’s high court. Roggensack said she had an advantage from being a judge for almost 17 years, and voters got her message that “if you want to do the work of a judge, it’s nice to have done the work yourself before you decide whether someone else has been doing it correctly.”

At an election night event in Milwaukee, Fallone congratulated Roggensack on her victory. He also called on her to continue working with her colleagues to end the dysfunction that has plagued the Supreme Court for the last two years. Fallone said he hopes “the members of the court will begin to work on healing those divisions, moving past their disputes, and restoring our State Supreme Court to a position of respect in the eyes of the public.”

Roggensack has said she wants to fix the damage that’s been done to the institution, following an altercation between two of her fellow justices when the court was considering a challenge to Governor Walker’s collective bargaining legislation almost two years ago.

AUDIO: Andrew Beckett reports (1:03)

WUWM radio contributed to this report.

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