February 6, 2016

Ryan blasts FAA over furloughs

Air travel across the US was hit be delays last week, after air traffic controllers were furloughed under federal budget cuts from the sequester. However, one Wisconsin Congressman argues the move was unnecessary.

Congressman Paul Ryan (R-WI) says the FAA had the flexibility to avoid the furloughs, but made a political decision to short-staff air traffic control towers nationwide. Ryan says the agency has money left over from last year’s appropriation that far exceeds the savings from furloughing workers.

The Janesville Republican says emergency legislation passed by Congress should prevent staff from being cut again by allowing the FAA to redirect existing funds to deal with staffing issues. He says it will allow the agency to cut other accounts to prevent furloughs and shutting down towers at local regional airports across the country.

AUDIO: Rep. Paul Ryan (:12)

Ryan says all of the across-the-board spending cuts under the sequester are supposed to target non-essential areas, but often do not because of politics.

Tom Karkow, WRJN

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