February 7, 2016

Signs of spring at Wisconsin’s Capitol

Farmers Market (FILE PHOTO: Jackie Johnson)

Farmers Market (FILE PHOTO: Jackie Johnson)

The largest producer-only farmer’s market in the nation returns to the Capitol Square in Madison Saturday.

Manager Larry Johnson talks about the award-winning Dane County Farmers’ Market — a Madison tradition since 1972. “Producer-only means that the items on the table are produced by the person behind the table.”

Some of the items you’ll see this time of year include plants, spinach, lettuce, cheese, meat, bakery and “lots of fun people.” About 100 vendors will be on hand today, with more added as the season goes on.

There will be something new there as well… “We’re going to have signs for each of the vendors this year locating their position in the state of Wisconsin and their farm name and where they’re from. They won’t be ready for a couple three weeks, but they will be coming.”

The 41st annual event opens its outdoor season today in downtown Madison. Johnson offers this tip: “It gets crowded in the middle of the market from 10:30 to 12:30, so if you like lots of people, come then. It’s great people watching. If you prefer not to have so many people, come early. We open at 6:00 in the morning.”

The farmers market will take place every Saturday through early November — rain or shine — from 6 until 2.

Thanks Chandra Lynn, WIBA

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