February 8, 2016

Time running out for tax filers

The clock is ticking for Wisconsin residents who still have not filed their tax returns this spring. The deadline for submitting those state and federal returns is April 15th, less than a week away.

State Department of Revenue Secretary Rick Chandler says they are expecting that last minute rush, with over a million returns still outstanding as of the start of April. He says individuals who still need to file should consider taking advantage of the state’s free e-file service, which can provide a quick turnaround on processing a return and issuing any refund that’s owed.

AUDIO: Sec. Chandler (:14)

Of the roughly 1.8 million returns filed so far this year, about 83 percent were done using e-file. While there’s no cost to file electronically with the state, Chandler says many federal returns will need to be done using commercial products. A list of those is available on the IRS website.

Taxpayers unable to meet the April 15th deadline should file for an extension with the IRS, which will automatically push back the state deadline to October as well. Chandler notes that you will still need to pay estimated taxes if you owe money, or you could face interest charges.

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