February 8, 2016

Winter heating moratorium ends soon

A reminder for those behind on their utility bills.

Wisconsinites with overdue electric bills are being warned — the state’s winter moratorium for cutting off service is about to end. In other words, pay up or you’ll be shut off. Matt Pagel is spokesman with the Public Service Commission. “After April 15th utilities are not required to provide service to customers who are behind on their bills.”

The PSC prohibits utilities from cutting off electric and natural gas service in the winter months — between November first and April 15th — so nobody gets left in the cold. But utilities can soon start cutting off customers who are in arrears. “We try to remind customers every year at the beginning of April to avoid disconnection. Customers who have fallen behind should contact their local utility to set up a payment plan.”

Those who try to get an arrangement with their utility but fail to come to an agreement, can call the PSC’s consumer affairs office in Madison.

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