February 8, 2016

Assembly approves Milwaukee County board changes

The state Assembly has signed off on a bill that would make dramatic changes to the Milwaukee County Board.

The legislation from state Representative Joe Sanfelippo (R-West Allis) would reduce the powers and budget of the board, while also ordering a public referendum on cutting supervisor’s pay. Sanfelippo says it would give voters the ability to pick their own level of representation and drastically scale back the spending of the county board.

AUDIO: Rep. Joe Sanfelippo (:18)

Democrats blasted the bill as an effort to impose the will of the state on local government and warned that it could lead to take over attempts in other counties down the road.

State Representative Christine Sinicki (D-Milwaukee) accused the GOP of ignoring their own long standing support for local control. The Milwaukee Democrat argued the people of her district can make their own choices and “don’t need people from other parts of the state telling us what we need to do in Milwaukee.”

AUDIO: Rep. Christine Sinicki (:12)

The measure passed on a party line 59-39 vote. A Senate committee also signed off on the bill Wednesday morning, meaning it could go to the floor in that chamber as early as next week.

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