February 8, 2016

Fitting older drivers to safety

Aging baby boomers may need a little help “fitting” behind the wheel, which is where the CarFit program comes in. Darcie Olson is an instructor for the Occupational Therapy Assistant Program at Madison College. “The CarFit program is a 12 point assessment of a person sitting inside their car,” she said. “It’ the fit of an individual within their car, not anything to do with their specific movement on the road.”

AUDIO: Bob Hague reports (:60) 

The intention is to help people keep driving their cars – safely. The intent is not to tell people they can’t drive anymore. Drivers sign a waiver agreeing to participate. Tneir name does not remain connected to either their car or the assessment that’s done, Olson said. A CarFit event is being offered at Madison College on Monday Olson said drivers can also learn about at the AARP website, and at CarFit.


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