February 13, 2016

Governor Walker on the road this week

Governor Scott Walker kicks off a week of campaigning out of state today, with a speech tonight to the Connecticut Republican Party. The governor will also be in New York City for a fundraiser on Tuesday and will deliver a speech to Iowa Republicans on Thursday.

Despite the high profile nature of those trips, Walker is downplaying whether it indicates plans for a presidential run in 2016. He says his focus is still on being governor, a job people elected him to do “not once, but twice.”

AUDIO: Gov. Scott Walker (:15)

While those stops can help raise his national profile, the governor maintains they can also benefit the state by reaching out to employers that could be interested in coming to Wisconsin. He says his office still puts in a “full schedule” each week and continues to get out across the state.

The governor still faces a reelection campaign for his current office in 2014.

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