February 8, 2016

Madison police shoot man in standoff

Three Madison officers are on administrative leave Saturday morning after a man is shot multiple times on the city’s east side and dies. It started as a standoff between the 43-year-old and police when the man barricaded himself into a house in the 900 block of Rockefeller Lane, as an eviction notice was being served Friday. Dane County Sheriff’s officials eventually calling off attempts to get him to peacefully leave the home later in the day.

A police spokesperson says the man came out to walk his dog around 9 p.m. carrying a sword and when officers tried to talk to him, he charged and that’s when police first fired bean bags. But the spokesperson says the man charged again, and several officers then fired the shots leading to his death. His name isn’t yet released. An internal investigation is underway as part of police procedure.




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