February 5, 2016

Republicans consider changes to residency rules

A provision in the state to budget to allow municipal workers to live outside of the community they serve could see some changes.

Municipal leaders have been pushing for the removal of the proposal, which would give government workers the option to live where they choose. However, several mayors and county executives argue those rules are needed to help keep emergency personnel close to the areas they serve and to ensure those workers are invested in the community.

Joint Finance Committee co-chair John Nygren (R-Marinette) on Wednesday said Republicans continue to support lifting the residency restriction, although talks are underway that could result in changes that would help ease some of the concerns raised by local leaders. Nygren says that could include limiting workers to living within a certain distance of a community or allowing local governments to impose financial penalties on non-resident employees.

AUDIO: Rep. John Nygren (:14)

Nygren indicated that the details of any changes are still being work out between Senate and Assembly Republicans. The Finance Committee is set to consider the governor’s proposal on residential requirements during its Thursday meeting.

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