February 11, 2016

Democrats plan 72 county strategy

The Democratic Party if Wisconsin is laying out its strategy to try and regain some ground in the 2014 elections.

Party Chairman Mike Tate says Democrats are hoping to not only take back the governor’s office, but to also regain control of at least one chamber of the state Legislature. He’s hoping the party’s 72 county strategy will help make that happen. Tate says the DPW plans to recruit 1,000 “community captains,” who will know how many votes are needed in their neighborhood and town to bring in Democratic wins.

AUDIO: DPW chair Mike Tate (:12)

Tate says it’s not just about winning at the top of the ticket. He says the party wants to make sure voters heading to the polls also know about the candidates running for the state Assembly and Senate, so they go in to vote knowing about those races.

Tate says they also want to end the practice of writing off seats traditionally held by Republicans. That includes providing more support for candidates mounting a serious challenge in those districts. Tate says “never again, will someone come forward to mount a strong challenge in a tough seat and not have the support of the state party behind them.”

Republicans are also gearing up for 2014, with plans to open four new field offices in La Crosse, Sheboygan, Mount Pleasant, and Glendale.

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