February 7, 2016

Jolly finally returns to the Packers practice field

After 3-years of court rooms, incarceration and drug rehab programs, Johnny Jolly

Johnny Jolly

Johnny Jolly

has served his time and now hopes to resume a once promising pro football career.

Jolly returned to the practice field with the Green Bay Packers for the first time on Tuesday as the Packers opened their off-season mandatory minicamp.

Jolly has been through multiple arrests for possession of codeine, a drug that Jolly said he was addicted to.  Jolly said he’s clean now and hasn’t touched in 19 months.

AUDIO: Jolly said he’s forever grateful to the Packers :14

The Packers selected Jolly in the 6th round of the 2006 draft.  During the first day of minicamp workouts, Jolly took roughly a dozen snaps during team periods and participated in all individual drills.

Jolly is getting a second chance, but it comes at a greatly reduced price.  He was set to make more than $2-million this season, but that salary has been reduced to $710,000 if he makes the roster.

Jolly weighed in at 340-pounds during his physical.  That’s about 15-pounds heavier than his playing weight.

Head coach Mike McCarthy said he just wants to get Jolly back in a routine.  Then it’s a wait & see approach, waiting to see how a player that has been away from the game for three years, will fit back in.

AUDIO: Mike McCarthy on waiting to see what Jolly will have after missing 3-years :24

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