February 6, 2016

Madison man accused of assaulting drugged women

Brian Stowe

Brian Stowe

At least seven women in the Madison area were victims of sexual assault, without even knowing it.

The suspect is a former co-worker of several of them, 28-year-old Brian Stowe of Madison. He’s been charged with 62 felonies in Dane County after police found a stash of videos and pictures of Stowe engaging in sexual contact with the women while they were passed out.

Prosecutors say the women were drugged at the time and had no idea what happened. At least six of the victims worked with Stowe at Epic, a health care software company in Verona. He was fired from his job there as a project manager last week, after the allegations surfaced.

Court Commissioner Todd Meuer has ordered Stowe to stay ways from women, other than family members and his girlfriend. In court Monday, Meuer said it “boggles my mind that there’s some individual who is still gonna be his girlfriend, but if she wants to be his girlfriend, that’s fine with me. I’m not going to prevent her from having contact with him.”

AUDIO: Court Commissioner Todd Meuer (:07)

Stowe’s bond was increased Monday to $527,000, after he managed to post the initial half million dollar bond to get out of jail last week. He was also required to surrender his British passport. If convicted, he faces up to 1,400 years in prison.

UDPATE: Stowe was also in federal court Tuesday on child pornography charges.

Robin Colbert, WIBA

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