February 10, 2016

‘Mosquito explosion’ predicted

There’s a silver lining to cool spring weather in Wisconsin: not as many mosquitoes as there could be, given all the rain we’ve had. “For the southern part of the state, where it was excessively dry last year, we’ve had abnormally low numbers of mosquitoes,” said UW entomologist Phil Pellitteri. “We usually correlate their populations with how much standing water there is sitting around. This year we’re, in many cases, 10-15 inches above normal rainfall patterns.”

Despite that, the cool temperatures this spring have slowed the mosquito problem in much of Wisconsin. “In some parts of the state it has been going gangbusters, in other parts of the state it is just starting to unfold,” said Pellitteri, adding that we’re probably on the cusp of a “mosquito explosion” in southern Wisconsin.


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