February 11, 2016

Some relief at the gas pump

Motorists are starting to see some welcome relief at the pump, and it comes just as many Wisconsin residents are considering their plans for the Fourth of July holiday.

According to AAA-Wisconsin’s fuel gauge report, average gas prices in the state on Thursday were at $3.76 for a gallon of regular unleaded fuel. The price was down $0.21 in the pas week, but still $0.19 higher than at the same time last year.

AAA’s Pam Moen says the drop in prices is the result of oil refineries in the Chicago area coming back on line recently. Those shutdowns had been responsible for supply issues, which caused a hike in prices across the Midwest in recent weeks.

AUDIO: Pam Moen, AAA (:16)

The drop comes at a good time for Wisconsinites. According to a AAA survey, about 870,000 Wisconsin residents will be hitting the road for the Fourth of July and taking a trip of 50 miles or more. That’s down 1.3 percent from last year.

John Colbert, WIBA

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