February 9, 2016

State warns about possible ‘work from home’ scam

Consumer protection officials are issuing a warning about a series of mailings offering Wisconsin residents big money for doing simple work for home.

Jerad Albracht with the Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection says the pitch is coming from a New Jersey-based company, which is offering workers $10 just to fill and mail an envelope on the company’s behalf, and $20 to assemble booklets and then mail them out. However, reading the fine print show you actually only get paid if the mailing results in the company making a sale.

Albracht says it’s not a new scam, but it’s something people who are stuck at home without a job or who are looking for ways to make extra money need to be aware of. He says it’s not uncommon for these companies to also pass some of the costs on to their so-called employees, who then end up footing the bill and never getting paid.

Albracht says the best thing to do if you receive a work from home offer is to just throw it away.

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