February 10, 2016

Heimsness to resign from Madison PD

An embattled Madison police officer is stepping down. Officer Stephen Heimsness has agreed to resign on November 23rd of this year and in return, Madison police chief Noble Wray is withdrawing his formal complaint with the police and fire commission. The city attorneys office cites the time and cost of holding such a hearing. Heimsness is a 15 year veteran with the department who came under scrutiny last November, when he shot and killed a 30 year-old intoxicated musician near the downtown. Heimsness was cleared in that shooting as it was initially thought the victim, Paul Heenan, was an intruder. But then, complaints surfaced about past comments made by Heimsness, many racist or sexist, that prompted Chief Wray to seek his dismisal. Heimsness has been on paid administrative leave.

Robin Colbert, WIBA

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